Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Winter's Over; Now the April Showers

(Posted Wednesday 4/1 5:30 pm)

Happy first day of April!  Here's a look back at March numbers in Harrisonburg:

Average High: 51.1
Average Low: 27.5
Average Temperature: 39.3 (1.7 degrees below average)
Snowfall: 7.0" (4.1" above average)

Dale Enterprise (Harrisonburg) Snowfall Data
That 7.0" brought the season total up to 31.2" (11.6" above our average of 19.6").  Regardless of whether we're completely finished with snow or not...which I think it's safe to say we are...that's a pretty decent total (still well shy of last year's 47.9").

Now time for April showers...

High pressure over the area will work off the coast overnight as our next cold front begins to push east across the country.  Strong southerly flow between the two will usher in warm (highs in 70s Thursday and Friday), moist air out of the Gulf.  You can already see this starting to occur on visible satellite below via the cloud plume stretching from Texas to Missouri.  Thanks to this moist flow, we may see a few scattered showers late Thursday into Friday.  The better shot arrives late Friday with the passage of the cold out for gusty winds under heavier showers.  A sunny and cool (highs in 50s and 60s) weekend to follow.

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