Tuesday, December 10, 2013

12.10 recap and update on the Weekend Storm

Well that was another decent early season snowstorm for many.  My forecast worked out pretty well across the Shenandoah Valley and northern VA, with widespread 1-3" and a few lollipops to as much as 4-5."  I busted across the piedmont and central Virginia (everywhere on a line from Charlottesville to Fredericksburg and points south), the colder air took too long to move into the upper levels to change things over to all snow.  By the time it did, most of the precipitation was already moving out.

Taking a quick peak at our next storm for this weekend, looks like a very similar setup to this past weekend. Already have a bit of a cad (cold air damming) signal showing up on models represented by the "U-shaped" isobars up and down the eastern side of the mountains.  They're also picking up on another pretty strong high over eastern Canada, although right now it doesn't appear to be in the greatest place for keeping cold air locked in (too far north). . I'm leaning towards this being a warmer version of this past Sunday event, with the primary low taking similar path to our west....leaving the potential for a bit of a wintry mess again...the track and strength of the low and the position/strength of any high we may have over interior New England will be big as always. The farther north you go on I81, the better your chances will be.  We have over 3 days to keep an eye on this one.

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