Friday, November 28, 2014

Warm-Up Through the Weekend; Light Wintry Mix Tuesday?

11/28 2:30pm
After our first snowstorm of the season, just wanted to give a quick overview of the next several days.  We will gradually warm up through the weekend with southwesterly flow as the current trough scoots out of the area.  Highs Saturday will be in the mid-40s Saturday before climbing up well into the upper 50s Sunday and Monday.  Bye-bye snow cover outside the mountains.

850 mb temperatures and winds Sunday (via AccuPro)
A cold front approaches Monday night bringing some light showers across the state.  This front looks like it'll try to stall out and hang around the area through early Wednesday.  At the same time, a cold Canadian high will be working across the Great Lakes into the northeast.  This is where things could get interesting as we have a bit of moisture over-running some colder air working in at the low-levels.  Right now, while it's too early to pinpoint specifics...there is potential for some light wintry precipitation on Tuesday...especially locations west of the Blue Ridge.  I'll be keeping an eye on it through the weekend.
2 meter temperatures and mean sea level pressure (via COD)

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