Monday, November 17, 2014

(11/17) Big Time Cold on Way for Tomorrow

(11/17 8pm)
Big time cold air is on the way!  The arctic front has swung through western Virginia allowing winds to pick up and temperatures to really start to crash.  Below is a map of 24-hour temperature changes showing drops of anywhere from 10-20 degrees just to our west.  We'll get down into the low 20s tonight but this arctic air mass won't be truly centered over our area until tomorrow.
24-Hour Temperature Change (PSU)
Shenandoah Valley locations will struggle to get above freezing Tuesday...and it'll feel even colder with winds gusting 20-25 mph keeping wind chills in the teens most of the day.  Harrisonburg will come close to setting the November 18th daily record for the lowest high temperature which was 30 degrees back in 1951. Don't be surprised to see a few light flurries from West VA upslope make it over the mountains. The second record we'll come close to breaking is the November 19th record low temperature (12 in 1914).  Clear skies with diminishing winds tomorrow night will really allow temperatures to crash.  Lows in the low to mid teens will be common and some of the deeper, sheltered valley locations will likely drop into the single digits.  Make sure to take proper precautions for kids at bus stops, outdoor pets, vegetation, plumbing, etc.
NMM-Temperatures 7am Wednesday
Fortunately, flow will become more southwesterly allowing temperatures to moderate back to around average (upper 40s/low 50s) by mid to late week.

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