Monday, April 14, 2014

Full Lunar Eclipse Tonight; Viewing Chances

Monday (4/14/14) 6pm
Tonight at 1:58 AM the moon will move into Earth's shadow.  This isn't really that rare, but it will be the first full lunar eclipse we've had since December 11, 2011.  The greatest portion of the eclipse will occur around 3:46 AM, with everything wrapping up around 6:00 AM or so.  Light from the sun will get scattered and projected onto the moon.  NASA is describing it as "all the sunsets on Earth, projected onto the moon".  This will give it a red appearance, earning it the nickname of the "blood moon".
Image via
Unfortunately, the cold front approaching the east coast that will provide widespread showers and storms on Tuesday is going to limit viewing in our area.  Lots of cloud cover already covers much of the eastern 1/2 of the country.  There are a few patchy areas of clearing over portions of Kentucky and Tennessee giving hope for some brief viewing opportunities (click here for visible satellite loop).
5:45pm visible satellite via NOAA
The latest 12z Canadian Cloud Model shows the best chance for any bit of clear skies will be the farther east you go away from the approaching front.  The chances dwindle across western Virginia but I don't think they're completely zero.  Regardless of tonight's outcome, we will have more shots at lunar eclipse viewings with another coming this October and two more following in 2015.  (Watch live stream of lunar eclipse here).
Canadian Cloud Model for 2am Tuesday (White=Clouds, Blue=Clearing)

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