Sunday, February 9, 2014

First Call Map 2/12-2/13

Here's my first call map.  It's looking more and more likely that we will see a significant VA/NC snowstorm mid next week.  Areas east of the bold black line may have mixing issues (sleet, freezing rain, rain) which will keep amounts down.  West of here, I'm expecting all snow.  Highest amounts should be somewhere just east of I-81 along the Blue Mountains where there will be some upslope enhancement.  RIght now, I'm mainly basing this forecast off the Euro and Euro ensembles since they've been the most consistent.  The gfs and nam today began coming more in line with this today.  The 00z nam actually came in even further west bringing even higher totals to areas in VA west of I-81 and more sleet/freezing rain for east of the mountains (less snow).  I do think this solution is too amp'd, but will have to make adjustments east or west based on the track of the low

Analog Blog:

Second Call Map: 1030pm  Monday
Final Call Map:      1100pm Tuesday

County/City Map of VA


  1. It would be more interesting if you posted fewer acronyms and technical jargon.

  2. Disagree. There are dumbed-down forecasts everywhere. Keep posting!

  3. I agree with "disagree". Can you do your 2nd call map sooner than tonight?

  4. By Tuesday at 11:00 pm all forcasters will have a better idea of what the snow fall will be

  5. A lot of this blog I do so I can have a record of past events...that's why they are technical a bit at times