Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Thoughts on Wednesday's Clipper

Tuesday 1/20 8pm
Thoughts on Wednesday's clipper:
  • Snow flurries or light snow showers could start to break out across parts of the Shenandoah Valley as early as 4-6 AM with the best chance for precipitation late morning through early afternoon.  A few leftover light bands could even continue into the evening hours...especially across the western mountains with upslope coming into play.
  • Temperatures will be quite marginal throughout (above freezing for majority of event).  This could be the case where lighter bands fall as a rain/snow mix while more moderate precipitation falls as plain snow.  The far northern Valley has the better shot at seeing steadier precipitation and therefore a better shot at light accumulations. I went ahead and included the central Valley (Luray/Harrisonburg/Staunton area) in up to a coating because short range models show signs of a lone band developing this far south...not sure if this will come to fruition or not but something to watch.
  • Will be a tough call for many school systems in the morning since best shot at snow comes after the delay/closing decision will need to be made.  
Below is my clipper snow accumulation map.  As for the weekend system....thoughts haven't changed on that.  You can find those here: http://noapologyvameteorology.blogspot.com/2015/01/after-midweek-clipper-watching.html.


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